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About us

About us


There is a reason we have been successfully providing key resources to some of Canada’s largest Insurance companies and providers Since 2008.  Why not you?

Private Network

Working with our team means you have direct access to our private network of top tier talent that we have been assembling Since 2008.  As such we are considered a boutique with top tier talent, not one boasting thousands of resumes that can be easily gathered and sent without care.

Our Values

To our core, the key to success is our ability to build trustworthy relationships with both our clients and resources we work with.  It is our values that allow us to consistently deliver Since 2008.  Integrity should never be sacrificed!


Having been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, the thought of change always made me feel uncomfortable. When I started talking with iCon, their passion and professionalism was immediately evident and that gave me the comfort I had been seeking for years. Since making the move to work with iCon I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely recommend iCon to fellow consultants and insurance carriersLori M., Sr. Consultant

Working with iCon as a consultant has been a fantastic experience. They are fully committed to the interests of both their clients and the consultants they bring in. The iCon team with whom I’ve worked are a great group of professionals. What stands out about them is their enthusiasm; consultants always willing to help the client, and each other, succeed. It’s been a real pleasure to work with iCon Alliance, both professionally and personally. I would personally recommend iCon to clients, associates, and friendsSteven S., Sr. Consultant