Responsibilities & Values

"As Founder and President of iCon Alliance Inc. it’s my job to ensure we are building an organization with an eye to the future. As a company we are proudly Canadian, with that comes our responsibility and values.

Our responsibility is to our people and those we serve, a commitment to build a quality, inclusive and diverse workforce of skilled labour and the building of long lasting relationships with our clients that will meet and/or exceed their expectations in every way.

This responsibility is driven by our core values. Working with sincere honesty, integrity, accountability, quality and reliability is a key to building long term trust both internally and externally.

Finally, a profitable bottom line is not enough. Socially as an organization we want to be giving back, not only to the communities we work in but also through job creation and opportunities for people. Environmentally we can all do something, even incremental changes help, our commitment will be to continually do more for a better tomorrow!"

... Joe Taylor, President