If anything is more difficult than implementing a new insurance system, it is the successful conversion of the data from the legacy system to the new system.

iCon Alliance staff have years of experience working on  insurance conversions. Most recently we have managed, designed, developed and maintained the successful conversion of over 500,000 personal lines property policies, and almost 40,000 commercial farm policies. As additional product lines are converted, our staff will be there to ensure each one is a success.


When an insurance carrier implements a new policy system, the integration work that is needed to bring all the working parts together is often left for the client to manage and implement.

You should never feel alone when it comes to an implementation. iCon Alliance staff have worked on many integration points when dealing with insurance software. Whether you have client, credit score, issuance, rating, CSIO, data warehouse or other needs, iCon alliance has skilled staff with the answers you need.


Nothing will catch the wrong attention more quickly than a rating solution that does not work. It is absolutely imperative that you have professionals that understand rating and how to properly implement it.

iCon Alliance has many talented professionals considered to be experts in policy rating. Our people have years of insurance experience and have delivered at the highest level time and again for some of the top insurance companies in Canada.


Our team understands customer expectations – there is no tolerance for mistakes in this sensitive area.  iCon possesses analysts, developers, and testers that understand the regulatory rules and what’s important for the customer.  For many customers, the billing notice is the only document they will read.  It is critical that it is easy to understand and must be flawless in its delivery.  For the broker, the system must be easy to use and explain.

Mobile Apps

More and more services are being offered by companies via mobile apps to their clients today. In insurance, claims represented the natural first offering from insurance providers.  Self service is the next logical step to reach your customers.   Let us help you with strategy, implementation, and rollout of mobile technology.


Many companies are moving toward a Telematics offering.  By accurately tracking a driver’s habit, insurers are able to provide a more accurate rate for the risk.   Our team has experience in all facets of a telematics implementation including vendor/hardware selection, integration with the policy system, collaboration with underwriting and rating, and establishing an efficient operational team.


iCon Alliance is a company built with a focus on the financial and insurance industries. Our resources have worked at length with industry-leading software used by some of the largest firms in Canada.

Implementing complex software is challenging. Let iCon's extensive experience help you through each stage.

  • Inception
  • Story Writing
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Architecture
  • Client
  • Policy
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Integrations
  • Issuance
  • Rating
  • Conversion