Our Consultants

iCon Alliance matches talented professionals to roles with our clients and partners for their key projects based on each consultants unique skills, experience, and personality.

All our consultants are hired based upon referrals so that we maintain our high standard of excellence when providing for the needs of our clients.

"Consultant selection is critical to ensuring all our consultants exceed expectations. We are not in the business of blindly moving résumés or filling roles simply to make a commission. Instead, we build lasting relationships with our clients and consultants by providing clients with a consistent level of expertise and experience, and providing consultants with opportunities suited to their talents."
Joe Taylor,


iCon Alliance is focused on implementing software solutions for some of Canada's top financial and insurance companies. If you are a qualified professional with experience in the insurance and financial services sector, we are interested in hearing from you.

We are currently looking for professionals with the following skill sets:

  • System Architecture
  • Business Analysis (BA)
  • Business Systems Analysis (BSA)
  • Software Development
  • Project Management (PM)
  • Database Management and ETL
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Testing
Specific Roles we are currently hiring:

  • Senior Business Analysts with strong business billing background, and knowledge of integration to Moneris
  • Experienced developers able to use AngularJS and Javascript
  • Experienced policy and biling testers
  • Experienced policy and billing developers

Email us at opportunities@iconalliance.ca to enquire.

Alliance Benefits

iCon Alliance has been built with the consulting professional in mind. We are not a recruiting firm interested in a cut of your earnings simply for submitting your resume, and dozens like it, for a prospective position.

Our team works hand in hand with each client, spending significant time on-site understanding the client's needs.

Our deep relationships and in-depth knowledge of our client's projects allow us to identify the most exciting opportunities that fit each individual. We typically only submit 1 or 2 candidates for consideration for any role because we have already hand selected the best people.

Our consultants benefit from our ability to negotiate the best rates due to a more extensive partnership, and have the added advantage of a go-between who can ensure the timely payment of invoices and smooth contract renewals.

From Our Consultants

"Working with iCon as a consultant has been a fantastic experience. They are fully committed to the interests of both their clients and the consultants they bring in. The iCon team with whom I've worked are a great group of professionals. What stands out about them is their enthusiasm; consultants always willing to help the client, and each other, succeed. It's been a real pleasure to work with iCon Alliance, both professionally and personally. I would personally recommend iCon to clients, associates, and friends."
Steven S.
Sr. Developer, Consultant
"Having been in the insurance industry for over 20 years, the thought of change always made me feel uncomfortable. When I started talking with iCon, their passion and professionalism was immediately evident and that gave me the comfort I had been seeking for years. Since making the move to work with iCon I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend iCon to fellow consultants and insurance carriers."
Lori M.
Sr. Insurance Lead/BSA, Consultant